Good morning Year 4's. Hope you all enjoyed the weekend.


Lets make a poster!


Persuasive Writing Task

State your case.
Develop your arguments.
Use interesting words.
Use descriptive, emotive language.

Use short punchy sentences.

Punctuation please!Sentence structure!


Watch first 15 minutes of Home on DVD, listen to the words the narrator of the documentary has chosen to use.
Home is a documentary about the environmental impact of humans have on the planet.

Listen to the words the narrator uses.

Does the voice connect with the viewer? Do the words have an effect of your feelings? Do the images and film ( cinematography ) influence the message?

Now it is your turn to write a persuasive text.
You must try to persuade the reader by creating a text in poster form.

As a class choose a Topic:

Our Natural Environment
School Hats
Pets and their owners

Use the worksheet to help you prepare you poster in draft form.

Thursday 16th May 2012

Lets research our topic and opinions!
Having facts to back up your ideas is the key to a good argument.

click these links and collect some information for your piece of writing. If you are having trouble you can work with a partner.

Scientific article on research into wearing hats
Government information on sun smart program
Hats and head lice
Facts about Sunburn


Persuasive Writing Interactive Trivia Game

Next week you will make persuasive posters about Earth day!
We will display the in the library and undercover areas to get more student involved in the gardening and recycling at school.